How it works

Simple online applications 

Select you client status ( Existing or new client)

Step One: Choose Your Loan amount

On the homepage, adjust the sliders to your preferred loan amount and choose a repayment date. 

From there, you can view the total cost of your loan, including interest. 

If your loan is approved, funds will be paid directly into your bank account on the same day. You can apply for a same-day loan online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

New clients can borrow between R500 to R4000 with confidence that your financial responsibilities are secure. Payment will be made on the same day that the loan has been approved.

Become an Existing client after 3 successful payday loan terms and benefit from a loan term of 3 months at a fixed interest rate

Our online platform will fully assess your application, conduct thorough credit checks.

You will then receive a letter of engagement for you to accept online.

The cash will be sent to your bank account on the same day that you accept.

This process is swift and transparent with no waiting and no hidden fees. 

 All interest and fees are shown upfront and clearly emphasized at the beginning of the loan application process.

Step Two: Information required

After inputting your South African ID number to determine whether you qualify for our loan, simply complete our online application form. This form is quick and easy.

You will need to provide the following information: contact information, physical address and postal address, employer details, and income and expenses.

Further, we will need details about your bank so we can pay via direct deposit as well as load the debit order for your repayment instalments.

Note that you will need to upload your ID document and most recent payslip.

Step Three: Receive Your Cash

We will verify your income before approving a loan. We will also conduct thorough financial examinations to ensure that all details and provided information are accurate. Then, once you are approved for a same-day loan, all loan payments will be transferred directly into the same bank account that your salary is paid into.

Disclaimer: be sure to check that your account is active and to confirm that you are able to make withdrawals. We do not grant loan payments to third-party accounts. Once approved, all loan payments are made directly into the bank account that your salary is paid into.


We charge a monthly R100 service fee and a 3% interest charge for any non-repayments. If you refrain from making payments for two months, your account will be sent to an external debt collection company. This could affect your credit score and may hinder you from receiving credit or other financial help from external providers in the future.

Compliance and Privacy

As a short-term and payday loan provider, we aim to provide our clients with complete protection and guaranteed quality assurance. Anytime Loans is fully accredited with the National Credit Regulator, and our services are guaranteed compliant and operative.

All information gathered on our website is completely confidential. We do not sell, trade, or transfer your private information to third-parties. The only time we may release your information is for legal purposes, for the protection of our rights, or for the rights and safety of others. Otherwise, your information is strictly confidential and protected. No information will be made visible to third parties for soliciting, marketing, advertising, or various uses.

Be sure to enter your South African ID number, agree to our terms and conditions, and receive an instant answer.